Restaurants and behind the curtain (update 1) Lubbock breakfast house

Last night I was told a hilarious joke by my “boss”, who stated we passed some inspection with flying colors. 

I can’t believe him… Not from what I see. 

But I guess the truth is, no one really cares about anything anymore. 

The health department isn’t worried about the mold growing on the walls, in the fountain drink machine, in the walk in cooler, in the bathroom, in the dry storage room, on the floor, in the kitchen….
But their only concerns for mold were the drinking cups and them being one on top of the other and moister trapped in between them and creating mold. Because they go right out to the customers. 

Then the seal around refrigerated units… 

that’s all they’re worried about mold wise.  Not all the other containers that don’t get cycled through like the drinking cups. So we got metal and plastic containers with food and moisture on them just sitting there collecting this mold faster than the cups and it’s not a problem. 

So the health department SUCKS and doesn’t care about all of you consumers out there eating at these lovely establishments that just don’t give two fucks about you. 

Truth be told, if people had enough respect for themselves they’d have enough respect for others and this wouldn’t happen. 


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