Sunset I Missed… 3/21/2017 @ 8 PM

Today, stuck in traffic I missed one of the sunsets I had been waiting for to explain many things. The clutter of the human world and rat race prevented me from achieving the pictures that I wanted to take. Despite the points I would of made on the sun and how what you had been taught is BS, all I can think about is all those people who were probably complaining about the sun being in their eyes on their commute home. Ignoring the awe inspiring sight of the sun and all its glory.DSCN1456


Any how, the actual shape of it today wasn’t normal. Racing around and trying to get the best vantage point, I finally pulled over at the last second and snapped some shots from my side mirror. Here is what I could get in the situation I was in with traffic and human clutter.DSCN1457


I’ve been many places around the United States. But what I have on my plate these days are these Lubbockians. I swear if you are visiting Lubbock Texas then beware of the drivers. It’s chaotic on the streets and their roads are wacked. The loop 289, death trap. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen “guardrail damage” signs. Accidents in general, and people just being idiots. Even to the public transportation. 

I will post more on this. 

Sunrise 3/20/2017

Sunrise with and without polarized filter.

I don’t understand how people can’t tell this ball of light is not rising, yet passing by, Hence the way the shadows form from the clouds. As if the sun is coming right at that patch of clouds instead of orbiting a globe from 93 million miles away.

The photos below, in my personal and professional opinion have the same attributes for local illumination as the sun is obviously local. How else could airplanes fly over the sun? 

Below is a photo i believe with common sense should show without a doubt significant signs of a local sun. If it was farther than the stratosphere then I believe the span of the Illumination should be increasingly greater. 

Perception… all about how you view things. Like the airplane in the photos below. It appears it is rising and then descending but is at cruising altitude. Such as the sun appears at dawn and dusk. 

Please leave comments on your thoughts. But refrain from being a hypocrite and saying I am ignorant without doing your own research.