Your system 

If you are among the general public who believe the system works, please answer me this. 

What is burglary?

What is the intent to steal or commit a crime? 

You believe the system is there to help you, but what is it when the criminal gets away and the victim gets accused. 

To obtain another persons property.

So what is it when you go to those who steal what is yours and ask for it back, burglary?

Where is the intent to commit a crime or intent to obtain property that wasn’t theirs?

 Entered unannounced, so who entered unannounced to originally take this alleged dog?

 Without permission, who gave those permission to take the dog?

A threatening posture, simply crossing your arms is a threatening posture according to the police and public. 

Complaining about his dog being stolen. Is complaining about your own property intent to obtain another’s? If it was their dog, why would this witness state, “he was complaining about his dog being stolen.”

Other factors, the police took evidence off this person for how he entered with a key. 

A key is given to those with permission to be there… 

evidence cannot legally be taken when a “crime” has been committed. 

But who’s to say this person is a burglar when the witnesses were already on felony probation for grand theft, not to mention law enforcement enforcing laws they’re legal allowed to be ignorant of. 

Law enforcement enforcing laws they know nothing about. All those innocent people in jail or prison for no tag, registration or drivers license. When it has never been a law for the public unless under a commercial capacity. 

Hence why you can have a permanently revoked license and still get insurance on a vehicle… 

common sense will tell you the truths. It’s right in front of you but I understand that the general public isn’t educated in these things as they’ve financed their own oppression. 


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