Sunrise 3/20/2017

Sunrise with and without polarized filter.

I don’t understand how people can’t tell this ball of light is not rising, yet passing by, Hence the way the shadows form from the clouds. As if the sun is coming right at that patch of clouds instead of orbiting a globe from 93 million miles away.

The photos below, in my personal and professional opinion have the same attributes for local illumination as the sun is obviously local. How else could airplanes fly over the sun? 

Below is a photo i believe with common sense should show without a doubt significant signs of a local sun. If it was farther than the stratosphere then I believe the span of the Illumination should be increasingly greater. 

Perception… all about how you view things. Like the airplane in the photos below. It appears it is rising and then descending but is at cruising altitude. Such as the sun appears at dawn and dusk. 

Please leave comments on your thoughts. But refrain from being a hypocrite and saying I am ignorant without doing your own research. 


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