I miss

I miss the way I use you. The way you know I love you when I use you in such ways. 

I miss touching you and serenading you. I miss your touch and how you quiver for me. 

I miss the obedience and teasing you. 

I miss how you feel around me. 

I miss seeding you and hope you’ll still take it anywhere, anytime. 

I miss pleasing you by hurting you. 

I miss basking in your presence. 

I miss the glow of your smile. Especially when I am behind you while you are on your knees. 

I miss my lips upon yours. Hearing your Mmmmmm.

I miss your pretty little mouth around me. 

I miss the space beside me being filled. 

I miss your skin against mine. 

I miss your snuggles and cuddles. 

I miss asking how you are and hearing about your day. 

I miss you getting mad at me and I’d take the pain just to have you back. 

I miss you and always will. 


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