The Moon 7/9/2017 @ 10 PM

DSCN2335DSCN2336DSCN2337DSCN2338DSCN2340DSCN2341DSCN2342DSCN2343DSCN2344DSCN2345DSCN2346DSCN2347DSCN2348DSCN2349DSCN2350DSCN2351DSCN2354DSCN2355DSCN2356DSCN2357DSCN2358DSCN2360DSCN2361DSCN2362DSCN2363DSCN2364I do NOT know how people cannot tell that this object is right there in our atmosphere. Dancing around with clouds and hiding from us from time to time. The fact the moon is blue, red, orange, yellow, white, gray…. The fact the moon isn’t always full in the sky as it rests directly next to the sun during the day time nothing obstructing light from the surface of the moon and it still goes through its lunar cycles…. The fact the moons temperature is different than what it should be if reflecting the suns light…. The fact the moon can be shrouded by clouds….. The sole fact that the moon doesn’t display anything related to reflecting the suns light or being in outer space should make others question everything else in the system.

But straight from the eye, for some reason, people can’t see that this self illuminated object is right there within reach, not space travel…

The Moon 4/6/2017 @ 5:58 PM

My main question to those who believe in the system and NASA would be, if the moon and sun are out at the same time, why isn’t the moon ever full until its last phase? How can you stand there looking at the sun, then the moon at the same time. Then not ask yourself how the moon cannot just be full all the time whilst in the sky along side the sun. Nothing blocking the moon. Nothing preventing light from literally getting to the surface of the moon. The system would have you believe something other than whats straight from the eye!DSCN1978

The Moon 4/7/2017 @ 8:25 PM

Again, the moon with lite clouds being illuminated by the moon. Hmmm, only possible if the moon was local.

It’d be nice if someone would start seeing the halos around the stars in the sky. The 5th picture is a good example for what I am referring to about the stars, even though that is our moon. It is what I see with stars as well… Trillions of light years away, how is that possible for stars? Again, no clouds in outer space from “Earth.”DSCN1984DSCN1985DSCN1986DSCN1987DSCN1989DSCN1990DSCN1992DSCN1993

The Moon 4/8/2017 @ 5:40 AM

I know these aren’t the greatest but I got them in a hurry before the surroundings disappeared. But i hope it is obvious that the clouds are surrounding the moon. Being lit up behind the moon and to the sides. The front being covered in various sections by clouds. I don’t understand how people cannot see that this wouldn’t be happening if the moon was in outer space. There are no clouds from “Earth” in outer space and if there were, I doubt we’d see them in the details we do when you look up at the moon.DSCN1996DSCN1997DSCN2000DSCN2001DSCN2002DSCN2003DSCN2004DSCN2005DSCN2006DSCN2007DSCN2008DSCN2009DSCN2010DSCN2011DSCN2012DSCN2013DSCN2014

Sunset I Missed… 3/21/2017 @ 8 PM

Today, stuck in traffic I missed one of the sunsets I had been waiting for to explain many things. The clutter of the human world and rat race prevented me from achieving the pictures that I wanted to take. Despite the points I would of made on the sun and how what you had been taught is BS, all I can think about is all those people who were probably complaining about the sun being in their eyes on their commute home. Ignoring the awe inspiring sight of the sun and all its glory.DSCN1456


Any how, the actual shape of it today wasn’t normal. Racing around and trying to get the best vantage point, I finally pulled over at the last second and snapped some shots from my side mirror. Here is what I could get in the situation I was in with traffic and human clutter.DSCN1457

Moons shadow

For those of you who search for the answer on what makes the shadow of the moon. 

I personally don’t know but I will tell you my thoughts. It’s self illuminating and is a disc shaped object that can have a shadow on the wrong sides for the sun to make a shadow. Especially during day time…. at least in my mind. 

What makes a shadow on the bottom or top of the moon if the sun is coming from the side towards the moon? 

What you see above is not what the lunar phases depict. 


You try to reveal what is hidden, try to insight people with facts but they’d rather believe some insane nonsense refusing to believe the possibility that they had been deceived in some fashion by those in power. You can go to politics and start there. But that in a sense is to deviate you from the real deceptions of your world.

The sun is supposed to be a gas giant floating in space. But if you apply some common sense and try your own little experiments you can see that the sun is indeed not 93 million miles away.
Let’s take a morning where the sun is about to “rise” or get closer depending on your understanding. If you are in an area you have the opportunity to see without the clutter of humans and their cities. You can take the time as the sun rises to see the hue at the rim of the light in the sky produced by the sun. You can see that it curves and doesn’t stretch the whole horizon.

But this will only make sense if you change your perception on the thing you call earth as a plane and not a globe. 

^ Local Illumination from the sun. Just like a flashlight. The farther away the flashlight, the larger the flood for the light is. Hold a flashlight to the wall. Take some common sense and open your mind to this possibility and ponder on it.

So let’s take a flashlight for example from three different heights. 

Which one looks more like the photo of the sun with the hot spot? Let’s say the first of three photos is from 1000′, second photo is 4000′ and the last one is 93 million miles away as NASA depicts. 

The sun and moon give all the traits of local Illumination. ^ Moon along side head lights from a car early morning.

Heavy-fog-and-car-lights^ Head lights in fog, producing local illumination results.^ The moon shrouded by clouds. Not an illusion even though out of focus. Taken with my iPod. But the appearance of local illumination is still present. In person, clouds around and behind the moon and sun are not an illusion as explained by others trying to debunk what is plainly right in front of them.

So you can tell those headlights are local illumination, what’s so different about that moon when it’s shrouded by clouds and displays the same attributes as those head lights in fog.

I see “stars” with a halo of illumination all the time. How’s this possible with them billions of light years away in outer space?

I will make sure I take the proper photos to explain. Not download .

But start your own research. Start conversation with others. Ask questions. Open your mind to the possibilities of your world being way more than you ever expected.