Random acts with drone



(^makeshift helipad/charge station w/solar)


Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone – Update

There are no spare parts for the DR1 from Spin Master. They won’t answer any questions about the drone itself. So I will be updating people on what third Party frames and parts can be used and integrated into the DR1 for repairs. 

We can start with the insides and as I progress with everything, I will update as I go along. 

The plan is to start with a few different frames and solder a new on/off switch on the DR1 as mine is FD. 

I know it seems hard to do things like this and is intimidating. But you can’t let fear take the wheel and steer. Got to be adventurous and if you love the DR1 as I do you’ll be looking for ways to fix it. Even if you have other drones you’ll still be playing with this one!

Recent Random Moon Shots


AwB # ????

The Moon 09/06/2017 @ 9:18PM

Thinking of someone special…DSCN2546DSCN2547

The Moon


Functionality of materialism 

When I am into something I like to collect them if I find use to do so. Zippos  I once collected, used, traded, sold and gave as gifts had surpassed their functionality in my mind. I made money, had nice looking lighters and collected discontinued and vintage lighters. 

Motorcycles surpassed their functionality with providing great, reliable and cheap transportation. They’ve made me money from flipping bikes, stunting motorcycles and racing. 

But for awhile I’ve been digging these vintage oil lamps from the 1880’s. I’m big in being off grid and self sufficient. We’ll see how everything turns out. Thinking of getting into glass blowing and would love to make some lamps.