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Moon 10/5/2017 @ 8:40PM

DSCN2720Hmm… If you can see it, the illuminated clouds are behind the moon and the dark clouds are in front. So shrouding the moon. The only way for the clouds that appear behind the moon to be illuminated, as it does look better in person,  is for there to not be a “dark side” of the moon. But who am I?

Again, if Steven Hawking came to you and said, “This euqation of 2+2=5.”

You’d probably believe him on the sole fact he’s a “public image” and idol to many.

And so who am I?….

Its right in front of you every night and every day. All you have to do is take the time to look up.


Sunrise 9/18/2017 @ 7:39AM


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The Moon 09/06/2017 @ 9:18PM

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Restaurants and behind the curtain (update 1) Lubbock breakfast house

Last night I was told a hilarious joke by my “boss”, who stated we passed some inspection with flying colors. 

I can’t believe him… Not from what I see. 

But I guess the truth is, no one really cares about anything anymore. 

The health department isn’t worried about the mold growing on the walls, in the fountain drink machine, in the walk in cooler, in the bathroom, in the dry storage room, on the floor, in the kitchen….
But their only concerns for mold were the drinking cups and them being one on top of the other and moister trapped in between them and creating mold. Because they go right out to the customers. 

Then the seal around refrigerated units… 

that’s all they’re worried about mold wise.  Not all the other containers that don’t get cycled through like the drinking cups. So we got metal and plastic containers with food and moisture on them just sitting there collecting this mold faster than the cups and it’s not a problem. 

So the health department SUCKS and doesn’t care about all of you consumers out there eating at these lovely establishments that just don’t give two fucks about you. 

Truth be told, if people had enough respect for themselves they’d have enough respect for others and this wouldn’t happen. 

Restaurants and behind the curtain – Lubbock breakfast house

So who really says what’s a violation and what isn’t because it is blatantly obvious that no one cares. The health department must not know or they just don’t care. 

As for this lovely establishment, its blasphemy to say that management cares when this is how much they care about the customers. That first picture, the silicon line for the tile above the sinks is covered in mold. As well as the grout for the tile. 

  • This is the same mold in the fountain drink machine 
  • Same mold in the bathrooms
  • Same mold that’s in the walk-in cooler
  • Same mold that’s everywhere 

Now this is before they “cleaned” the mold out. 

Next is the results and the reality of the situation. 

So mold is one of the 23 flavors of Dr Pepper?

I don’t know about everyone else but I personally wouldn’t want to eat or drink anything that’s been touching mold. 

The reason this machine is packed full of mold is because no one sanitizes and cleans this machine properly. Like everything else in this establishment. 

  • Notice the egg cooking in the pan. If that egg busts they plop it into this tub filled with egg, for the use of making omelettes. But they neglect to put it in a cooler all day. 

I don’t know about you but personally I don’t want my eggs or omelette cooked with hours old and used eggs when I am paying the price to eat out. Not when they have cases of eggs in the walk-in cooler.  
These utensils are “clean” and ready to be used to scoop up your food and then be served to you. 

I know blasphemy, so if you believe I took these things and set them up just to put online, you deserve this customer service that this establishment offers. Along with any other place that does the same, you deserve it!

Again, everything I am showing you is ready to be used in the eyes of management. And has been through the dishwasher…