Suicide and the world

It’s depressing when you’re depressed or suicidal. Though it is even more depressing when you are and reach out to people only to be shot down. 

What I can’t understand from the masses is them sitting there with this around them every time they interact with people. Acting as if they care, but really don’t. 

But they think it makes them someone watching Netflix “13 Reasons why.” All while the person next to them is depressed. 

Ignorant to what’s displayed, said or expressed by the depressed to the masses. 

Instead, personally would I get told I’m a liar or faking it by my spouse or when I was younger and my first and only hotline I called, I was told to deal with it before I expressed my issue. They said I had already called in and they knew my voice. 

So what about our 13 reasons why!?! When’s someone gonna listen about that instead of watching a god damn tv show about a girl who killed them self because of how the masses treated them?