Are the first thoughts of my morning. 

You are behind every blink of my eyes. 

You are that thought when a cool light breeze hits my face. 

You are the one I cry over. 

You are the one I hurt over. 

You are the one I love. 

You are still mine. 

I miss

I miss the way I use you. The way you know I love you when I use you in such ways. 

I miss touching you and serenading you. I miss your touch and how you quiver for me. 

I miss the obedience and teasing you. 

I miss how you feel around me. 

I miss seeding you and hope you’ll still take it anywhere, anytime. 

I miss pleasing you by hurting you. 

I miss basking in your presence. 

I miss the glow of your smile. Especially when I am behind you while you are on your knees. 

I miss my lips upon yours. Hearing your Mmmmmm.

I miss your pretty little mouth around me. 

I miss the space beside me being filled. 

I miss your skin against mine. 

I miss your snuggles and cuddles. 

I miss asking how you are and hearing about your day. 

I miss you getting mad at me and I’d take the pain just to have you back. 

I miss you and always will. 

The Moon 7/9/2017 @ 10 PM

DSCN2335DSCN2336DSCN2337DSCN2338DSCN2340DSCN2341DSCN2342DSCN2343DSCN2344DSCN2345DSCN2346DSCN2347DSCN2348DSCN2349DSCN2350DSCN2351DSCN2354DSCN2355DSCN2356DSCN2357DSCN2358DSCN2360DSCN2361DSCN2362DSCN2363DSCN2364I do NOT know how people cannot tell that this object is right there in our atmosphere. Dancing around with clouds and hiding from us from time to time. The fact the moon is blue, red, orange, yellow, white, gray…. The fact the moon isn’t always full in the sky as it rests directly next to the sun during the day time nothing obstructing light from the surface of the moon and it still goes through its lunar cycles…. The fact the moons temperature is different than what it should be if reflecting the suns light…. The fact the moon can be shrouded by clouds….. The sole fact that the moon doesn’t display anything related to reflecting the suns light or being in outer space should make others question everything else in the system.

But straight from the eye, for some reason, people can’t see that this self illuminated object is right there within reach, not space travel…