Air Hogs DR1 FPV Drone – Update

There are no spare parts for the DR1 from Spin Master. They won’t answer any questions about the drone itself. So I will be updating people on what third Party frames and parts can be used and integrated into the DR1 for repairs. 

We can start with the insides and as I progress with everything, I will update as I go along. 

The plan is to start with a few different frames and solder a new on/off switch on the DR1 as mine is FD. 

I know it seems hard to do things like this and is intimidating. But you can’t let fear take the wheel and steer. Got to be adventurous and if you love the DR1 as I do you’ll be looking for ways to fix it. Even if you have other drones you’ll still be playing with this one!


Air hogs DR1 FPV Drone

Hands down for a gooood cheap FPV drone for just play or anything you can think of. I recommend Air Hogs DR1 FPV drone for $70 after taxes at Walmart. They’ll have it listed for $100 in stores but you can still price match their own website. ​




​(^ IPod fpv videos) (windy conditions)

My personal opinion for devices on WiFi connection for the FPV feature I’d say have been the iPod touch 6gen out of the devices I’ve tried from samsung galaxy 3s, galaxy emerge and some LG phone. 

The 2.4ghz controller gives you more control over a drone rather than only Wi-Fi app control. Two speeds on the DR1, beginner and advanced. I strongly recommend beginner (speed 1) if you aren’t used to high speeds on RC vehicles and are new to drones. 

(^ Galaxy Emerge fpv video)

Moon 10/5/2017 @ 8:40PM

DSCN2720Hmm… If you can see it, the illuminated clouds are behind the moon and the dark clouds are in front. So shrouding the moon. The only way for the clouds that appear behind the moon to be illuminated, as it does look better in person,  is for there to not be a “dark side” of the moon. But who am I?

Again, if Steven Hawking came to you and said, “This euqation of 2+2=5.”

You’d probably believe him on the sole fact he’s a “public image” and idol to many.

And so who am I?….

Its right in front of you every night and every day. All you have to do is take the time to look up.


Sunrise 9/18/2017 @ 7:39AM


Have you seen this Lubbockian? (Texas)

Jacob if you are out there man, Miguel and I got your back on your business. Missing you deeply bud and hoping for the best but we are all human and we all know why we do the things we do.

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