Sunrise 9/18/2017 @ 7:39AM



Fake clouds being taught to children

Do parents really follow along with what’s being taught to their children anymore? Among the many things falsely being taught to our children these days are about these fake clouds. Along side chemtrails from planes. If you are not aware of the difference in a contrail and a chemtrail that lingers for hours in the sky as it spreads across and mixes with clouds, then all you have to do is look up, open your eyes. Preferably with some polarized lens…

I haven’t seen a clear sunset in awhile. Very strange…

Kids these days are taught in school about these fake clouds, but don’t know what a solar system is at 7 years old. Then parents get in trouble and arrested for taking their kids out of school to home school them as they feel the educational system is failing.

Straight from what I see, no one cares about what’s happening and it’s right in front of you every day.

Never in my life of living in Florida, being on beaches or sailing on open ocean for months has my skin felt the tingling, cooking sensation that it is these days. The temps they give you are not the temp that is really out there. The sun is hotter than they say, but I also don’t believe what I’m seeing is the same sun from my childhood.